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HCG diet and menu


HCG diet menu

It is a known fact that the HCG diet is a rather extreme diet. You are limited to a diet consisting of 500 calories per day, and you have to keep the diet for 8 weeks. In other words, lunch and dinner will be the only meals you eat, so 2 meals per day. You are not let to eat more because of the HCG diet. You do not have to worry about the diversity of your meals, as each meal will include one bread, one vegetable, one protein and one fruit. The HCG diet menu permits you to grill or broil white fish crab, shrimps, chicken breast, lobster, beef and veal. There is, however, meat that you are not allowed to eat, no matter the circumstances. You are not allowed to eat salmon, dried or pickled fish, tuna, eel and herring grilled, nor broiled.

As said before, you mustn’t worry about the diversity of your meals, as they include a large variety of vegetables you are allowed to eat while you take the HCG diet. The HCG diet menu allows you to eat fennel, spinach, chicory, beet greens, chard, tomatoes, celery, onions, red radishes, green salad, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbage. When it comes to bread, the diet menu includes a melba toast or a breadstick.

As said before, each meal includes a fruit. The diet menu allows you to eat fruits such as apple, grapefruit, orange and strawberries. However, you must be careful because you are limited to one apple, one orange, half a grapefruit or a handful of strawberries. Pay attention to the HCG diet menu, as it doesn’t allow you to eat any quantity of fruits. You are not allowed to eat, for instance, half an apple and half an orange, you must stick to the diet menu.

As you may have already figured out since you can only broil and grill meat, oil and butter are not allowed in this diet. In fact, not a single diet encourages cooking meat in oil, but for the HCG diet it is strictly forbidden. The good news is that you can drink as must coffee, tea and water as you wish. They are all included in the diet menu. The quantity of milk allowed per day is up to one tablespoon. Sugar is not allowed in the HCG diet, so you are not permitted to sweeten your drinks with sugar. However, you are allowed to use sugar substitutes, so you can sweeten your drinks with these.

The HCG diet is an extreme one, although the diet menu includes a large variety of vegetables and meat. Make sure that before you decide to start the HCG diet you consult a doctor regarding the matter and you provide him with your medical history. He will tell you whether you can or not keep the HCG diet.

People often ask whether the HCG injections do or do not help in losing weight. Keep in mind that the HCG diet helps you lose weight, not the injections. It is because of the strict diet menu that you lose weight, the because of the injections. The injections will only help you change the way you lose weight.

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