It is important to know that before you start your HCG diet with our clinic, you must provide us with your medical history form. competent practitioners in endocrinology and HCG diet protocol.

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HCG diet and protocol


HCG diet protocol

The HCG diet protocol has been created by Dr. Simeon. He started it while working with obese patients about 50 years ago. Many people have unsuccessfully tried to recreate his protocol. In the protocol he approaches obesity in a different way and he explains the causes of obesity. He also makes clear the difference between a person who is overweight and an obese person, as they are not the same.

As you probably already know, HCG cannot be found in the human body. Only pregnant women have HCG, men can never produce it. The quantities women produce are enormous. In fact, it is said that women can extract about one million International Units a day, only in her urine. In spite of the great number of units of HCG a woman produces daily, an injection of 125 units will reduce your weight with one pound per weight. Keep in mind that the injection doesn’t actually make you lose weight, it is the diet that makes you lose weight. The HCG injections only change the way you lose weight. It is said to be quite a tough diet as it is a low calorie diet; it limits you to 500 calories per day. The FDA approved HCG to treat fertility issues. Dr. Simeon says in the HCG diet protocol that HCG is very important for a woman and her child, as it is somehow protective. He claims that a woman could probably not carry her pregnancy to term without HCG.

Before starting an HCG diet you must consult a doctor. You must get as informed as possible. The doctor is handling the most complex organ in the human body when he treats you with HCG diet so he must be a professional. doctors are experts in endocrinology and HCG diet. Make sure you consult a doctor, it is the most important thing before starting and HCG diet. If you do not consult a doctor the chances of developing side effects are increased. You can develop side effects even if you consult a doctor, just as you can develop side effects from any medicine, even from a common pain killer. However, the most common side effects are less severe, such as headaches, nausea, blurred vision and so on. It is not necessary but it is advised to monitor your progress.

As said before, the diet limits you to 500 calories per day. That means that you can eat 2 meals per day. Each meal will include a vegetable, a fruit, a protein and one bread. It is not impossible to keep but it is not easy either.

Do not forget to consult a doctor before starting an HCG diet and if possible, read the entire HCG diet protocol. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any question. You can either call us or complete a form on this page and one of our doctors will get back to you as soon as possible.