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HCG diet results

You must have already heard of the HCG diet. If you haven’t, the HCG diet is an extreme diet that limits you to 500 calories per day. The diet must be kept very strictly because if you don’t do so not only that the results won’t show as expected but also you can be in danger. For example, even though you are limited to as little as 500 calories per day, you have to eat 2 meals per day and each meal must include one protein, one bread, one fruit and one vegetable.

Many people ask whether this diet does actually work or not for weight loss. The answer is yes, definitely yes. Scientists say that it is impossible not to lose weight when you keep a low calorie based diet. Now, what people should but do not ask is: how does HCG help you lose weight? HCG itself does not help you lose weight, it is the diet that gives you such wonderful results. As you may know, HCG is usually administrated through injections. However, you can use other products, such as oral drops, pellets and sprays but the injections are said to be not only the most efficient but they also have the lowest risk of developing side effects. Now, the HCG injections only change the way you lose weight. This is one thing you must keep in mind, it is the diet that helps you lose weight. Needless to say, the HCG diet results are extremely satisfying.

In order for the HCG diet to work so that you get the results you are expecting, you are limited to a strict menu. For instance, while you can broil or grill lobster, veal, chicken breast, shrimps, beef and white fish crab, you must not eat herring, tuna, eel, salmon, dried or pickled fish by any means. Also, oil and butter are not allowed. For bread you can choose either a melba toast or a breadstick. For vegetables you can choose from a large variety which includes fennel, spinach, chicory, onions, beet greens, green salad, chard, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, red radishes, asparagus, and cabbage. When it comes to fruits, you can choose to have either half a grapefruit, an apple, a handful of strawberries or an orange. The diet only allows you to choose one of the fruits, you can’t combine them. Luckily, the HCG diet also allows you to have as much tea, coffee and water as you wish. You must not sweeten any of your drinks with sugar but the diet does allow you to use sugar substitutes.

If you want the HCG diet results to be the ones you were wishing for from the beginning, you must stick to the diet. As said before, if you do not keep the diet strictly, you might be in danger. Danger includes side effects as well. You must make sure that you consult your doctor regularly and you also monitor your progress. If you consult the doctor regularly, he will notice any sign of side effects and he will know what to do in order to stop them from persisting. Common side effects are not dangerous to you unless they persist. In many cases, side effects developed because of inappropriate administration of injections. If you think you are not able to administrate the injections on your own, seek for professional help. As said before, the injections change the way you lose weight so it is important that you administrate them properly, in order to gain the diet results you expect.

As the hormonal system is very sensitive, there were a few cases of more severe side effects. Cases of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) have been reported, among a few cases of swelling, shortness of air, pelvic and stomach pain. However, you must not worry as there were very few reports of such cases. If you consult the doctor regularly, you are in no danger of developing such side effects.

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