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Diet with HCG injections


HCG injections

The HCG diet is said to be an extreme one. As you have probably already heard about it, the diet consists in taking injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Some people might also know that HCG is a hormone women produce when they are pregnant. It is produced by the syncytiotrophoblast which gives rise to the placenta. Daily injections of HCG and a calorie based diet are the things that define the HCG diet.

You must remember that it is a necessity for you to consult a doctor before starting an HCG diet. However, if you do decide to start it you must keep in mind that you will be limited to 500 calories a day, while nutritionists say that the average amount of calories we should eat is about 1500 calories per day. Also, you will be keeping the HCG diet for 8 weeks. It is your decision which method you choose for taking HCG. You can either take a “homeopathic” product, for example sprays, pellets or oral drops. You can buy these products at the store. The other option, which is said to be the most efficient one, is taking HCG injections.

If you decide to administrate HCG through injections keep in mind that it is only legal as long as a health care provider provides them for you. Fertility issues can be treated with HCG, as it has been approved for treatment. Over-the-counter HCG products are, however, not legal. Many companies that sell homeopathic HCG products received warning letters from FDA. Remember that these products are not legal, unless a health care provider provides them for you which means that a doctor must prescribe them for you.

One questions most people who consider taking HCG ask is whether the HCG injections do or do not work for losing weight. The answer is complicated because people forget to ask “How does it work for losing weight?”. Now, HCG injections do work for weight lost. However, keep in mind that HCG itself does not make you lose weight. It is the diet that makes you lose weight. The injections only change the way you lose weight. The whole weight loss procedure happens because of the calorie based diet.

Although you lose weight, the injections will not allow you to lose muscle weight, which is a good thing. The catabolic state (muscle breakdown) is counteracted by the anabolic state (muscle building) created by the HCG hormone by elevating the hormone levels in the body (testosterone included).

Lastly, the HCG diet is not hard to keep. In fact, after a week or two most people who keep it say that they get so used to it that it becomes a routine, they actually forget that they just started a diet.

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