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Injectable HCG


HCG shots

What are HCG shots?

As you may already know, there are a few different methods to take HCG. You can take HCG through injections, pellets, oral drops or sprays. It is up to you which one you choose. However, most specialists advise people to take injectable HCG.

It is said that the injectable HCG is not only the most effective but also the less likely to have you develop side effects. It is a known fact that you can develop side effects by taking any kind of medicine. In fact, you can even develop side effects from common pain killers. Usually, the side effects are common and not severe. If you do develop side effects you will probably develop headaches, redness in the injected area and so on. It is very important to consult your doctor if you show any signs of side effects because although they are less severe they can develop into worse side effects which might not be as easily cured. When it comes to redness or swelling in the injected are, it might be you causing it. If you do not administrate the HCG shots properly you might develop these few side effects. Now, in case you do not know how to administrate the injections properly, it is advised that you seek professional help. A specialist can either administrate the HCG injections for you or help you do it yourself. It is important that you know how to administrate the injectable HCG for when you leave the town and for the situations when you cannot be supervised by any specialist. If you want to learn more about the HCG side effects you can visit our ‘HCG side effects’ page.

Why HCG injections?

Many people prefer oral drops, sprays and pellets only because these are easier to administrate. Not to mention the fact that they are less painful. However, specialists say that HCG shots is more effective. Just like any other medicine, it takes longer to work if you take oral drops (or any other methods mentioned before) instead of injections. Many people fear the pain of administrating the injections. Needless to say, it does hurt more than simply taking an oral drop but the advantages are worthy. Not to mention the fact that you eventually get used to the pain. It is not an unbearable pain but if you are not used to injections you might find it a little hard to adapt at the beginning.

Legal injectable HCG:

Specialists will probably recommend you to take injectable HCG. However, before starting an HCG shots therapy, make sure you consult a doctor. It is illegal to take HCG, injections, pellets, sprays or oral drops, without a doctor’s prescription. If your doctor advises you against taking HCG, it must be for a good reason and you should definitely talk to him and decide upon the best course of action. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by calling us or by completing a form on this page. If you complete a form, one of our assistants will get back to you in the shortest time.


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