Before you start your HCG therapy with our clinic, you must be aware of the HCG side effects provide us with detailed information about you. competent practitioners in endocrinology and HCG diet.

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Side effects of HCG


HCG side effects

The most important thing you must keep in mind is that HCG is not an injection for you to take without a medical consult. You have to talk to your doctor before starting an HCG diet and provide your medical history. HCG side effects are highly likely to develop if you do not talk to your doctor and just go for it.

It is also very important to remember that over-the-counter HCG injections labeled as ‘weight-loss aids’ are illegal, not to mention unproved. The FDA warned the consumers about these side effects of HCG .

It is possible that some people after HCG diet will experience HCG side effects. Needless to say, you can experience side effects of any medicine you take, more or less. In case you experience injectable HCG side effects and they keep getting worse, definitely report your problem to your health care or to the FDA in order to stop the effects from developing more.

Doctors highly advise you to monitor your progress and be careful. In order to monitor your progress, you can go to the doctor regularly. In this case you will know if you are developing HCG side effects from the beginning.

In fact, side effects are the reason why you should monitor your progress. Besides that, there are a few common HCG side effects which you can experience such as headaches, light water retention, light headedness and irritability, but these don’t usually develop into worse forms.

People who take HCG for weight loss reported that these side effects disappeared after a short period of time, maybe a few days. However, in case you do experience these side effects it is because the HCG diet menu is a low calorie one.

In the less like case in which these HCG side effects persist, you should definitely talk to your doctor to find the best solution for you. Swelling and redness may appear in the injected are, in case you chose to take HCG through injections.

However, in most cases this happened when the administration of the HCG injections was not properly done. You should definitely ask for professional help, someone who is qualified, in case you are not able to administrate the HCG injections on your own.

It is said that injections are the most likely method for you to develop HCG side effects. Nevertheless, HCG injections are also said to be the most efficient. If you do not want to be in any risk you should choose to take oral drops instead of injections.

It is very important for you to remember that the hormonal system is a sensitive one. Generally speaking, there have not been any reports of any severe hormonal problems produced by HCG injections. Cases of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) have been reported, among a few cases of swelling, shortness of air, pelvic and stomach pain.

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