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Weight loss with HCG


HCG and weight loss

Some people might have already heard that HCG helps you lose weight. However, some people are still wondering whether it does or does not help you. You most probably already heard about the HCG diet. The HCG diet is a tough diet. It is actually said to be an extreme diet.

While taking HCG, you are limited to 500 calories per day. Whether you take injections or a homeopathic product, such as sprays, oral drops or pellets, you must keep this diet for 8 weeks.

As said before, many people ask whether HCG does or does not work for weight loss. The answer is yes, HCG does work for weight loss. People who ask whether HCG helps you lose weight should also ask how does it help you lose weight? It is very important for you to remember that the diet itself helps you lose weight, not the injections. The HCG injections only change the way you lose weight.

Many people get scared that HCG injections might not only make them lose weight but also lose muscle. For those of you who are afraid of that, don’t be. HCG will not make you lose muscle weight. In fact, the HCG hormone creates an anabolic state (muscle-building) which counteracts the catabolic state (muscle-breakdown) by elevating hormone levels in your body (testosterone included).

It is said that you can lose weight with HCG even a pound per day, while taking the HCG diet, as it practically resets your metabolism. All these without you feeling hungry nor weak. It is not a secret that the diet is hard to be kept. Some people might not be able to live with only 500 calories per day. Doctors usually only recommend such a low calorie diet if the person is obese. It is going to be challenging but as long as you follow the HCG diet protocol strictly you will not have problems.

You will have to be careful if you take HCG for weight loss. You must talk to a doctor first. It is very important to do so, as it can be dangerous to take HCG without a doctor’s prescription, especially if you take it for weight loss. If you decide to start your HCG injections therapy with our clinic, remember to provide us with a form of your complete medical history. Without that, we will not be able to help you start the HCG therapy.

Another thing when you take injectable HCG, whether you take HCG to lose weight or for other reasons, such as treatment for fertility issues, you must be careful where you buy HCG injections from. HCG injections are legal, as they have been approved by the FDA. However, they are only legal as long as a health care provider provides them for you. Over-the-counter HCG products are not legal. The FDA has already sent warning letters to the companies that produce such products as over-the-counter HCG.

As said before, to lose weight with HCG you must follow a low calorie based diet and it will only let you consume 500 calories per day. For best HCG diet results, you will be allowed to eat 2 meals a day. Each meal will include one fruit, one vegetable, one bread and one protein. The diet in very strict and you are very limited when it comes to what you can eat. However, there is quite a large variety of vegetable you are allowed to eat. You have to study the diet seriously and respect it for the 8 weeks. Sugar is not allowed in the diet but you can use sugar substitutes.

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